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Everyone that I spoke to in person or on the phone was so nice. Amber was very helpful and understanding. Excellent service and price was doable and fit in my price range.
~ Sharon   K. - 12/5/2022

I was completely satisfied with the quality of service you provided for me and my family, very satisfied with your staff and was happy that you kept a good selection of everything on hand that we could make our choice right then. Your timeliness in delivering everything as planned was appreciated. Dona and Amber were very professional, patient, kind and sympathetic. They understood what we were going through and showed that they care. Thank you!
~ Gwendolyn   F. - 11/28/2022

We were all so satisfied and happy with the arrangements for Dad. He looked so nice and the mass and military service were beautiful. Thank you for helping us say goodbye and honor him in this way. We're happy that his final wishes were carried out so well.
~ Lisa   S. - 11/16/2022

Very satisfied! Things went smoothly and staff were patient and comforting. I prearranged this funeral over a year ago and it was wonderful working with Dona who is tremendous at her job. Amber worked with me after my mom passed and she was pleasant to work with. 
~ Maggie   J. - 11/14/2022

The atmosphere in there was nice. It didn't feel stuffy or creepy. Erika was very professional and helpful, she didn't miss anything and made us feel comfortable and not stressed. They did a very nice job, thank you.
~ Tina   B. - 9/30/2022

I couldn't be more pleased with how the prayer service for my father went and am so deeply grateful to Amber for all her help. She was amazing, and went above and beyond in tracking down my father's DD-214 and getting the services for my father to have full military honors. The breathtaking flag line provided by the Patriot Guard Riders is a picture I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. The full honors by the USAF flag presenter, firing line and bugler was so much more than I could have ever asked for. I know my father is so proud!
~ Wendy   S. - 9/27/2022

Vanessa was knowledgeable, respectful, gentle and kind, and treated us like family. From choosing a casket and flowers, she coordinated with our church and made a very difficult time a little easier. Everything was perfect. Mom looked so beautiful and would have been very pleased.
~ Kristin   N. - 9/23/2022

We were very satisfied with our whole funeral experience at Newcomer. Dona and Erica provided caring, compassionate service. We truly appreciated this during our time of loss. Thank you for everything!
~ Sandy   P. - 9/19/2022

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