Staying connected after a loss

The death of a loved one can bring unexpected emotions, including conflict. After the loss of a loved one, we can lose touch with family and friends who are vital to us. We can get caught up in our grief, or those close to us can become distant. This distance can cause us to feel like we’ve lost most than just the person who died.

Here are a few ways to maintain relationships with family and friends after the loss of a loved one:

Utilizing technology - Fortunately, in today’s world, we have the technology to keep us connected to those necessary to us. Social media has made it easier than ever to stay in touch. We can stay connected by merely sending a private message, updating our status or posting a few photos.

Monthly events - Maybe you need to start slowly after losing a loved one. By planning a monthly event to see your friends or family, like dinner, you can stay in touch without overcrowding anyone’s schedule. This is a great way to set aside time just to catch up and maintain relationships.

Plans for important dates - Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or another important date, making plans on these days can help maintain our relationships. Just grabbing coffee with a friend or going out for ice cream can be a great way to stay in touch.

Create lists - You may need to create a list of people to remember to stay in touch with. During the grieving process, it can be challenging to remember every person in your life. By making a list, you know who to check in with every once and awhile.

Simply reaching out - Maybe it’s been more than a year since you’ve last talked to a family member or important friend, but it’s never a bad idea to just simply call or message them. Letting these people know that you regret not staying in touch and that you’d love to see them again is a great way to mend a relationship.

After the loss of a loved one, we need to take time to care for ourselves. Dealing with grief is a challenging process that brings us unexpected emotions. Maintaining relationships is one of the many challenges, but by utilizing technology, reaching out and doing a few other things, you can avoid losing important people in your life.
Posted: July 03, 2019