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Everybody at Newcomer made my family feel like they truly cared for what we were going through. They went above and beyond all expectations. Shawn helped my family at a time where we were feeling a great loss. He made the funeral planning easy and painless. 
~ Cindy   L. - 6/21/2017
Shawn and staff did a wonderful job and made everything so easy and seamless. For the first time in a long time I can honestly say that there was nothing that could have been done any better. You have a phenomenal manager at the funeral  home and a great staff. Thanks for everything!
~ Jessica   L. - 6/14/2017
Erika Bradley was excellent to work with. 
~ Dale   J. - 4/24/2017
Losing my father was the most difficult life event I have ever went through. I never thought I would have to look for a funeral home this early in my life. After doing some research, I found Newcomer. They were professional and compassionate. They took the time to sit with us as we made the difficult decisions surrounding his cremation. I greatly appreciate this funeral home and those that take their time to work with families during the most difficult times in their lives. I can't thank you enough.
~ Cari   S. - 3/27/2017
Brent Kehr, Matthew Wittlin- very excellent service provided by both. Above and beyond. Everyone involved with funeral were very gracious and caring. Staff took son's crate of rememberance items and set up for us. They also helped set up and clean food that was brought in. Very exceptional staff. 
~ Jamie   S. - 3/22/2017
We were quite pleased with their kindness, compassion, and their organization. The entire process was very smooth start to finish. Please give Erica praise for preparing the body well and being a wonderful person. Also praise Donna and Shawn for the planning and execution of the funeral. Erica and Shawn were excellent. Erica was wonderful to work with; Shawn made everything flow smoothly. 
~ Edward   R. - 3/22/2017
wouldn't have you change a thing. Brent, very kind and understanding with my father. Took his time to explain everything. Anthony- very professional, soft spoken and understanding for my sister. 
~ Jenna   S. - 3/21/2017
Special thanks to the Newcomer staff who treated us with the utmost of kindness and respect. Greeting us was Erika Bradley and Shawn M. Smith: Erika coordinated all arrangements with a warm efficiency; together they assisted us wonderfully in making the many difficult end of life decisions needed. Alexis Bohman, Anthony Ballerini, and all other support staff have been there for all visual and audio needs. We feel fortunate enough to have had the privilege of hosting Richard's celebration of life at this warm, creative, and totally responsive funeral home.
~ Mori   M. - 12/27/2016

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