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Recent Reviews

Special thanks to the Newcomer staff who treated us with the utmost of kindness and respect. Greeting us was Erika Bradley and Shawn M. Smith: ...
~ Mori   M. - 12/27/2016
I was very satisfied with all aspects of using Newcomer. From the first phone call in summer to start pre-planning to burying ashes yesterday, our ...
~ Lyn   M. - 11/30/2016
Erica Bradley was very accommodating and thoughtful. Service was excellent. Very professional. Family treated with utmost respect and thoughtfulness. Would highly recommend Newcomer Funeral ...
~ Tori   R. - 11/30/2016
Father passed away in Feb and went to another funeral home- service was good but not as personal. Service was excellent. staff was very helpful, ...
~ Eeric   T. - 11/30/2016