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Thank you for visiting. Green Bay families are saving hundreds - even thousands of dollars- with our funeral home. We provide beautiful services that are handled with dignity and respect.

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Recent Reviews

Shawn handled the unimaginable pain my son and daughter-in-law were going through with tremendous respect, consideration and kindness. I will forever be grateful.
~ Merri   B. - 7/22/2016

Just keep doing what your doing. I was very impressed. Everyone there was very nice.

~ Robert   M. - 7/21/2016
Anthony- Erika- Shawn- Romona. They were all very helpful and concerned for our family. I was very satisfied with everything.
~ Dan   F. - 7/12/2016
Newcomer Funeral Home did a wonderful job coming from out of town, it was an assurance that the staff was taking care of everything for me.
~ Betsy   W. - 6/15/2016