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Special thanks to the Newcomer staff who treated us with the utmost of kindness and respect. Greeting us was Erika Bradley and Shawn M. Smith: Erika coordinated all arrangements with a warm efficiency; together they assisted us wonderfully in making the many difficult end of life decisions needed. Alexis Bohman, Anthony Ballerini, and all other support staff have been there for all visual and audio needs. We feel fortunate enough to have had the privilege of hosting Richard's celebration of life at this warm, creative, and totally responsive funeral home.
~ Mori   M. - 12/27/2016
I was very satisfied with all aspects of using Newcomer. From the first phone call in summer to start pre-planning to burying ashes yesterday, our family was treated with nothing but kindness. At a very difficult time, they were friends. Very wonderful people!
~ Lyn   M. - 11/30/2016
Erica Bradley was very accommodating and thoughtful. Service was excellent. Very professional. Family treated with utmost respect and thoughtfulness. Would highly recommend Newcomer Funeral Home. 
~ Tori   R. - 11/30/2016
Father passed away in Feb and went to another funeral home- service was good but not as personal. Service was excellent. staff was very helpful, respectful, approachable and friendly. 
~ Eeric   T. - 11/30/2016
I/we don't know where to begin. Our mom/wife was young and we were lost and crushed. I called to ask prices to help my dad you were sweet. Took our mom/wife covered by a quilt (at the moment the last thing we needed to see was a body bag). Helped with every possible detail! Guided us through the ceremony and at the cemetery with very touching details. There wasn't a detail that we regretted or wished was different! We can't thank you all enough.
~ Kathryn   K. - 11/30/2016
I have used others for my family but yours was the best and friendliest service. So attentive was your staff. We worked with Donna to prearrange and Shawn at the end. They both were very caring! My kind of people. Will use you from now on!
~ Mark   C. - 10/19/2016
Very extremely satisfied! Very understanding when I explained that my mother had no life insurance to pay for the services. Still made us feel that it was important and provided everything we needed at an affordable rate. Still felt like we mattered and I can't thank them enough for that. 
~ Mary   P. - 10/19/2016
You met all our needs! Our mom deserved the best and you provided it.
~ Anne   B. - 9/23/2016

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